Reliable construction service since 1993, specializing in stone works. We are building dreams.

Our Services

Terraced Landscape

Terraced landscapes subject to abandonment can progressively increase gully erosion and cause landslide.

building stone walls

Stone walls

Stone walls have been used for thousands of years. It’s the proper masonry construction to delimit your property,

Stone House Construction on Paros

Stone constructions

Dino’s team will build your stone home.

Stone outdoor enclosures construction

Outdoor settings

Stone outdoor enclosures

Pergolas construction Paros


Dino’s also builds wooden pergolas.

special stone construction

Special construction

Dino’s team takes in charge all kinds of stone building project.

Stone vaults and arches masonry

Stone vaults

It’s often a challenge to build stone-vaults, outdoors or indoors. Dino is using traditional heritage techniques.

Stone amphitheatre construction


An amphitheatre can be a very special spot in your property.

Stone alleys construction Paros


Heritage stone alleys.

House maintenance & refurbishing

Dino undertakes also small maintenance jobs or complete building refurbishing.

Why us?

We got the tools

My team is fully equipped with all the tools necessary for our job, even those tools that are very rarely required.

Certified Experience

Stone building is part of our heritage and we have been building in stones all our life.

Competitive Pricing

Request a quote, you will be surprised by our competitive prices!

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime  is an understatement! Stone constructions survive many lifetimes.

24 Years Experience

We offer our services on Paros since 1993.

Small & Big projects

We undertake projects of all sizes, from small repair jobs to new home construction.